Blotted Lips | Colourpop Cosmetics First Impressions

oooh I bought some of Colourpop’s new Blotted Lips and I was so excited when I got them in the mail the other day! Don’t get me wrong, I love their lippies and ultra satin’s but these new Blotted Lip products looked extremely wearable, comfortable, and long-lasting. I also appreciated how these reminded me of Korean lip products where they focus more on a “just-bitten”, gradient-like effect on the lips.



So cute! They are smaller than the usual Lippie Stix and the liquid lips, but I actually like how cute and compact it is. The only con is that they are a tad difficult to completely close-the cap never seems to click as easily as their lippie stix. It is not something that bothers me but thought it was worth mentioning.




As you can see, these are not your typical lippies. They are a lot less creamy to give you that stained look on your lips. Applying is not the easiest because of this creamy consistency-this new line seems to be made to give the lips a tinted, stained look. The swatches above were 2 layers. I do like how you don’t have to be perfect with outlining your lip shape since this isn’t a liquid or lipstick formula. It’s best to apply like a chapstick all over the lips or to dab the product on. I found myself focusing only on the inner areas of the lips to create a gradient effect.



 For me, it holds up quite nicely. It is super comfortable because it’s not liquid or creamy, it really just feels like you have nothing on your lips. Does anyone else hate how dry and uncomfortable some lipsticks can get? I wore mine for a good 5-6 hours and decided to reapply after eating and drinking.


For five bucks a pop, I think these are a bargain for people who want to add a quick tint to your lips. They are build able, easy-to-use, compact, and does exactly what they are made to do. Definitely worth a try!

paige x


Favorite Lip Products


heya friends!

I wasn’t big on using lip products until around a year ago. I was never really into lipsticks, lip glosses, liners, etc…simply because I never ventured into that side of makeup. Kind of like how I am right now with face highlighters. Everyone is going crazy about highlighters but I still haven’t stepped foot into that area yet. Anywho, today I have compiled a selection of photographs of my favorite lip products. I wear these very often when I do wear something on my lips. I’m still exploring the world of lip color, I really want to try different colors but I don’t think they’ll suit me…Hope you enjoy, nevertheless xx

Revlon IMG_2649_Fotor.jpgIMG_2638_Fotor.jpg



Too FacedIMG_2658_Fotor.jpgIMG_2647_Fotor.jpg

Comment/like if we share any favorites ❤


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Colourpop First Impression|Bumble and Lumiere


I wanted to share my first impression with the VERY popular Colourpop ultra matte lipstick in Bumble and the lippie stick in Lumiere. These are the two colors that I really wanted to try from Colourpop (including Midi but I didn’t purchase it because it looked too nude for me). Each matte lipstick is $6 and the lippie sticks are $5 each (so affordable!)

simple packaging
simple packaging


-The ultra matte lipsticks are exactly what they imply. The hype is real guys. Super pigmented (you only need one coat ya’ll), dries super matte (a little drying though for Bumble. I heard some of the other shades are not as drying on the lips), and lasts all day (got a little crumbly on the edges but that was because I had oily foods). For the price, this lipstick is definitely something you should check out!

IMG_1933_Fotor-The lippie sticks are creamy, crayon-like matte lipsticks. The only color I really wanted was Lumiere and it is a very pretty pinky/mauve-y nude (I’m not a good color-describer lol). It applies smoothly and looks matte but is not drying on the lips. It transfers unlike the ultra matte lipsticks but it wasn’t really a problem for me. It also doesn’t last as long since it is a creamy consistency so it’s quite easy to just wipe off accidentally. I still think the product is amazing for its price and it is perfect for daily use for me.


The swatches are above and you can really see the difference between the lippie sticks and ultra matte lipsticks. Both are under $10, both have great formulas, and both are completely wearable and lovely!

Colourpop lipsticks are definitely products that are worth trying. There is a color for everyone 😉

Comment if you love them or are planning on trying them. Any color suggestions as well? Thinking of purchasing some more…. 🙂