DONUT CRAVINGS | Weekends with Me

heya friends!

I didn’t do much this past weekend. Saturday consisted of being a potato but in a good way. Sometimes you need days where you do absolutely nothing. I did have one mission to accomplish before Monday and it was to eat a donut. I don’t eat baked good/sweets very often but when I have a craving, I NEED to satisfy it. I’ve been craving a donut since last month and every time I wanted one, the donut shops around me were closed for the day. It was like this endless cycle of desire and anger…..

On Sunday, we decided to crawl out of the cave and go out to brunch at our favorite brunch spot in Costa Mesa: Plum’s Cafe. This place is hopping on weekends because all the Newport, Tustin, Irvine folks want to get some mimosas and eggs benedict and this is the place to be. The wait is never more than 30 minutes for just two people so we never run into problems. We ate a scrumptious (and beautiful) meal and decided to walk round the park next to the restaurant.


Surprisingly, I still had room in my tummy so we decided to finally satisfy my crazy donut craving and went to Dunkin’ Donuts. We were going to visit Sidecar Donuts but the line was too long and I was too impatient. I’ve been waiting a month for this…



There is NOTHING like a warm donut and a hot cuppa’ joe. YUM.

That is all I did this weekend. Haha. Bye!

xx | paige