ColourPop Cosmetics Haul

heya friends!

One of my favorite affordable makeup brands is ColourPop Cosmetics and since I haven’t purchased some of their newer items yet, I decided to make a little order the other week. I was so excited when I received the package in less than a week! I think it’s because I live pretty close to their manufacturing headquarters. Hope you enjoy this roundup and find something you like (or something you’ve been liking)! ❤


| Highlighter in Wisp: $8|

Wooooo weeee now THIS is a highlighter. For eight bucks, this little thang is creamy, super pigmented, and makes you look like a glowy goddess lol. But seriously, so worth the price! I love the texture and it blends so nicely into the skin. This is a MUST.


| Blush in Between the Sheets: $8 |

Another affordable product, worth the price. It is a matte beige-pink, cream blush that applies smoothly and leaves you with a natural flushed look. Love it, especially if you are a beginner for makeup.



| Brow Pencil in Bangin’ Brunette: $5 |

Sorry for the terrible photo but I was in a rush when I was taking pictures..But, I can easily compare this to the Anastasia Brow Wiz. It might even be better because I find that it’s just a tad creamier than the Brow Wiz. The only con is that you can twist the product up, but you can’t twist it down so I guess it’s not retractable? So if you twist and put out too much product, you’re screwed when you have to put the lid back on. Maybe it’s just a defect for mine but that’s the only negative thing I can think of. Other than that, my FAV brow product at the moment.


| Lippie Stix in Brink: $5 |

Lawwwd I have an obsession with their Lippie Stix, my collection just keeps growing. They are just so comfortable to wear and I like how they smell! I’ve been wanting this shade for awhile; a warm taupe color that complements my skin tone!


| Ultra Satin Lip in Frick N’ Frack: $6 |

I like these better than the Matte Lips because they are more hydrating. They last for a few hours and are comfy on the lips. This one is such a beautiful color; according to the website it is a “rosy terracotta” color. (I’m horrible with describing shades.)


I will probably visiting ColourPop again and purchasing more because I really can’t stop using their products. It’s a brand that has really grown and is becoming one of the best, affordable, cruelty-free makeup line. I’m obsessed.


Hope you enjoyed this haul as much as I did!


xx | paige


February 2016 Favs!


heya friends!

I am back again for my monthly favorites. Like last month, my favs will include not just makeup/beauty/skincare stuff, but also random life things like food (the biggest love of my life), books, Netflix shows, etc…Favorites, commence!


1 | Revlon Lip Butter: Tutti Frutti

This is an oldie, but a goodie. I remember when the Revlon lip butters first came out and every makeup-lover was pouncing on them. I have two tubes of this specific color because I love it so much. It’s not too bright on the lips and I like how it makes me look instantly more youthful and awake. Plus, it smells yummy!


2 | NYX Lip Liner: Mahogany

I have always loved NYX lip products and I have been so into this shade. It really is a nice mahogany color; beautiful on the lips, glides like a dream, and has pretty good wear. They are also super affordable at $3.50 each! For sure a win!


3 | Medjool Dates

Random, I know, but I can’t believe I haven’t had dates until this year haha! I buy the Trader Joe’s Medjool Dates and they are the perfect, sweet snack. Especially if you are craving caramel or candy, this is a great alternative. Natural sugars, super sweet, and has a tacky consistency that matches sweets. You can also use dates to sweeten smoothies and to bake!

4 | iZombie on Netflix

I didn’t think I would like this show but I was bored and decided to try it. It’s actually super entertaining and funny! Quick description: a girl transforms into a zombie and uses her powers to work with a crime investigator. I like how it’s a combination of romance, comedy, and suspense. Definitely a show to watch!


5 | Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

I’ve had this baby for some time but I have really been noticing its effects on my skin. My face looks more supple, hydrated, and brighter after every use. You apply a thin layer before you sleep and basically sleep with it on. You then rinse it off with warm water in the morning. Another pro, it has a refreshing, spa-like scent that most Laneige products have.  If you are in need of some hydration, check this product out.


6 | Hand-made Coconut Almond Soap

There is nothing better than some organic, hand-made face/body soap. I raved about this a while ago and how it diminished my acne and I finally have my hands on a new batch. Unfortunately, these soaps are made by my friend and gifted to me but I know that Whole Foods sell natural soaps that are similar to the one I use. They last for a long time and I have been using it every day in Feb.


7 | Trader Joe’s Coffee Bag Brewer

Ok, this stuff is the shiz. I noticed that Trader Joe’s started selling a Coffee Bag Brewer for around $1.50 and I had to get it. You basically pour hot water into the bag, let it seep, and pour the coffee out of the little spout. It makes two cups of delicious coffee! How convenient eh? It is cheaper to buy coffee grounds and brew at home, but this is something you can get once in a while as a lil treat. Can you tell that I love Trader Joe’s? Haha.


8 | Colourpop Super Shock Shadow: Desert

This an affordable, pigmented, creamy transition color that I love to use on a minimal makeup look day. You can build it up or just apply it on its own; such a great color for numerous eye looks! Like the other Colourpop shadows, this one is no different. Awesome quality for a fraction of the price. I would consider this particular shade a staple for make-up lovers. It’s also an easy color to start off with if you are a beginner or a noob (like me).

9| Fitness

This month has been the month of fitness. I stopped circuit training because it was getting way too expensive, so I re-activated my LA Fitness membership. There is something very rewarding about pushing yourself when it comes to fitness. Now that I have a general idea of how to work out properly, especially when I am targeting certain areas of my body, working out is actually kind of fun. I would have NEVER been able to say this last year. I am also lucky enough to have my boyfriend, Sean, who is very knowledgable and helps me write out my workout regimes. Maybe one day I’ll go into detail and explain my fitness goals in a post!

These were my February favorites for this year! Hope you enjoyed this post and please like/comment if we share any favorites or if you have any particular favorites from this past month, I would love to know ❤ See ya’ll soon.


xx | paige




2015 Beauty Favorites!


2015 is over and 2016 is here. It is only appropriate to do a re-cap of all my favorite beauty products from this year. These items are things that I use almost EVERY TIME I put on make up. That is how much I rely on them! (And how great they are).

Colourpop Lippie Sticks

These two have been in my purse 24/7. Easy to apply, great color payoff, and just so reliable and convenient! Colourpop cosmetics have really become prevalent and one of the top make up brands of 2015. They are only getting bigger and better!

NYX Eye Shadow in Happy Hour

NYX eye shadows have been my favorite shadows for a very long time. Personally, they are the creamiest, most vibrant, and affordable “drug-store” make up brand out there. I put quotations around drug-store because I’m not quite sure if it’s considered a drug store brand….Anywho, this shade is the perfect transition shade for everyday eye looks. Love it!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper

I have raved about this eye liner along with the Stila eye liners this year. I have tried numerous eyeliners and for my oily monolids, this and the Stila liner are the only ones that can hold up so far. They are also extremely black (which I love) and lasts throughout the whole day with no problemo.

ELF Bronzer/Blush Duo

I have been using the Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer for a while now but ever since I got even tanner, I decided to try something new. Found this little guy at Target for like 3 bucks and now I cannot stop using it. The application is great, stays on all day, and I think it’s a good quality bronzer for the price you get.

Ardell Single Lashes

This is a new product that I have never mentioned in my blog. I usually don’t wear fake eye lashes in general because I feel like they look really unnatural. Decided to try these babies out and I am in heavens~ They look so natural on and although it took me a while to get the hang of placing them on individually, the pay off is worth it. You can really amplify your lashes as well by layering!

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

Just the usual…I use this every day and I have not been really using any other foundation but this for the past 6 months. It’s a very easy and convenient foundation that has the qualities of a high-end one for less than half the price.

NYX Dark Brown Jumbo Eye Pencil

I can’t believe this is only my second one…These jumbo eye pencils are perfect for “lazy makeup” people. I definitely fit into that category. You just slather it on your lid, blend and you’re good to go! This color is my go to every-day shade.


Last, but definitely not least, is the Mask of Magnaminty face mask from Lush. This product has been hyped to the max and when I finally got my greedy fingers on them, I couldn’t let go. Love the texture, smell, and the clean, smooth, refreshing after-feeling. Def try this one out.

That’s about it for my 2015 round-up! Nothing new, nothing different. Hopefully I try a lot of new products in 2016. I’m so attached to the ones that I have now; not sure if I could let go…haha. But I shall broaden my horizons! I hope this allows some of you to try these products or if you have, that’s great!

2016, here we come!



Colourpop, Lush, and more! | First Impressions


I recently got quite a few new products and wanted to share my first impressions of them…

|Firstly, Colourpop cosmetics eye shadows! I was SUPER tempted to purchase a lot more than just three shades but I realized that I’m more of a neutral shadow girl so I wanted to start by getting three pretty basic shades: Desert, Smash, and I ❤ You.


Desert and Smash are both easy on the eyes but I ❤ You is definitely an “in-your-face” metallic shiny color that I will only use for special occasions. These shadows are quite different in formula compared to your usual shadows. They are creamy and are easy (if not, easier) to apply with a clean finger. Color payoff is worth the hype especially when they are only $5 each. Woot! Try these babies out if you get a chance, you shall not regret it!


|I also purchased another Lippie Stick from Colourpop called Dalia. It is a darker, vampy red/burgundy shade that I am not accustomed to wearing but I absolutely love. Glides on smoothly and it stays on pretty well for a $7 lip product. So far, enjoying the color on my lips.


|I recently got a sample of Lush’s Mint of Magnaminty from a friend and it is quite amazing! Just apply a layer around the face, wait for 10 minutes (or until dry), and wipe off with a warm towel/rinse. I noticed a difference immediately! It gets deep down to your pores and clears the dirt from the face. My skin looked noticeably smoother with minimized pores. My boyfriend used it and enjoyed it as well!


|The next item that I will be talking about is Burt’s Bees daily facial cleanser that acts as a makeup remover, skin brightener, and overall cleanser. I bought it because I was looking for a more natural daily cleanser as opposed to the other brands I was using. So far, so good. I love the fresh, herbal scent and how it easily removes makeup. We will see if it acts as a skin brightener after I’ve used it for awhile but so far I have had no breakouts and it does it’s job by safely and gently removing 8-hour wear makeup.


|I’m really starting to get into lip liners and a new NYX cosmetics store opened at my local mall so I popped in and purchased the Slide on, Glide On Lip Liner in Red Brick for $8. First of all, great price. I’ve always enjoyed NYX products, especially their eyeshadows. Secondly, beautiful color. Pictures does not do it justice; it is a reddish-brown color that just glides on (as told by the name) to your lips and stays put. Can’t wait to use this more and really test out it’s longevity on my lippies.


|Last but not least is another NYX product and it is one of their single eye shadow pots. Like I stated above, I am a huge NYX eye shadow fan. They just work great on my lids (with or without primer) and I love their pigmentation and smooth application. I just bought one because the store was crazy packed and it is in the shade Fireball: a lovely coppery-pink metallic shade that it SO lovely. Can’t wait to wear this on my eyelids this holiday!!



Hope ya’ll enjoyed this round up of first impressions! Comment or like if you have tried any of these products or suggest anything for me to try.



Colourpop First Impression|Bumble and Lumiere


I wanted to share my first impression with the VERY popular Colourpop ultra matte lipstick in Bumble and the lippie stick in Lumiere. These are the two colors that I really wanted to try from Colourpop (including Midi but I didn’t purchase it because it looked too nude for me). Each matte lipstick is $6 and the lippie sticks are $5 each (so affordable!)

simple packaging
simple packaging


-The ultra matte lipsticks are exactly what they imply. The hype is real guys. Super pigmented (you only need one coat ya’ll), dries super matte (a little drying though for Bumble. I heard some of the other shades are not as drying on the lips), and lasts all day (got a little crumbly on the edges but that was because I had oily foods). For the price, this lipstick is definitely something you should check out!

IMG_1933_Fotor-The lippie sticks are creamy, crayon-like matte lipsticks. The only color I really wanted was Lumiere and it is a very pretty pinky/mauve-y nude (I’m not a good color-describer lol). It applies smoothly and looks matte but is not drying on the lips. It transfers unlike the ultra matte lipsticks but it wasn’t really a problem for me. It also doesn’t last as long since it is a creamy consistency so it’s quite easy to just wipe off accidentally. I still think the product is amazing for its price and it is perfect for daily use for me.


The swatches are above and you can really see the difference between the lippie sticks and ultra matte lipsticks. Both are under $10, both have great formulas, and both are completely wearable and lovely!

Colourpop lipsticks are definitely products that are worth trying. There is a color for everyone 😉

Comment if you love them or are planning on trying them. Any color suggestions as well? Thinking of purchasing some more…. 🙂