ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Review


I received an early birthday gift from my boyfriend and it was something that I wanted ever since it came out. First of all, can we all just look at these shades. Look. at. these. shades. I have heard some people who didn’t like all the berry tones but I’ve done so many looks with it already. You can do anything from a dark smokey eye to a fun, colorful look. So many pros to this gorgeous palette so let’s get to it!



1 Pigmentation/Formula

The formula of these shades are out of this world. Smooth, buttery, blendable, and very pigmented. I literally have to hover my eyeshadow brush over the pan and brush ever so lightly or else I will get a shit load of pigment. The shadows blend so effortlessly and the colors complement each other in so many ways.IMG_2930_Fotor.jpgIMG_2932_Fotor.jpg

2 Packaging

The packaging is simple and pretty. Love the mirror size and how light the palette is. The pink, velvety outside is a cute touch to it as well.

3 Price

This palette is $42 and comes with 14, .02 oz shades. .02 oz sounds really little but you’re getting 14 amazing colors.For how good the quality of the shades are I think this is a really decent price for this palette. Their pigmentation also plays a huge role as you do not need much product at all for application.The Urban Decay naked palette’s are around $54 each and although each shade has a larger pan, there are two fewer shades. I also think that the quality of the shades in the Modern Renaissance is better than the Naked Palette ones. (**Sidenote: I am only comparing the Modern Renaissance to the Naked palettes because those are the only palettes I own haha** )

4 Wear

Like I mentioned above, these shades can give you a variety of looks. They are also long-lasting and do not crease on my lids. Granted I do wear shadow primer, but hot dang these shadows just stick to you lids all day long. I’m in love.

5 Colors

Wowzies. That’s all I have to say. The shades are beautiful (as you can tell below) and work/blend together seamlessly. I was a little scared of how many berry tones there were but after using it multiple times, I was able to create so many looks with it. This is a great year-round palette; lovely red shades for the fall, bright looks for the summer, smokey eyes for winter, and colorful lids for the spring. JUST PERFECTION.



1 Fallout

The ONLY LITTLE CON that I could honestly think of was the amount of fallout. These shadows have a quite a bit of it but it honestly doesn’t bother me at all. Some people are quite picky about this which is why I wanted to mention it. Even though I just graze my brush lightly on top of the pan, there is still a lot of loose pigment that gathers on top.

As you can tell,  I am obsessed with this palette and it is my favorite one in my little collection so far. If there is one palette that you want to purchase (especially if you are a little new to the makeup world), I would highly recommend this. It’s great for people who are just beginning because you get all these shades in one palette and they are so easy to work with. You can even use some of the lighter/shimmery shades as highlights as well. The Modern Renaissance will most definitely be lovingly used (and abused) by me haha.

xx | paige