R & R | Idyllwild, CA


My boyfriend and I went on a little mountain retreat for Labor Day weekend and it was exactly what we needed after the past few busy weeks we have both been having. If you are located anywhere in the Southern California area, Idyllwild should only be a few hours away from where you live. Nestled in the San Jacinto mountains, Idyllwild is a quaint and small mountain town that is surrounded by quiet beauty.


We stayed at the Strawberry Creek Bed and Breakfast Inn that is walking distance from town. With only 10 rooms, this inn has a rustic, homey, and comfortable ambience. This is NOT Β a place for people who are looking for luxury. The inn screams vintage and we loved it!


The inn consisted of many old-fashioned board and card games, relaxing background music, and delicious home-cooked breakfasts. The grounds consisted of a garden, access to the Strawberry Creek, and a chicken coop where they used fresh eggs every morning for our meals.


The Idyllwild town had a plethora of restaurants, gift shops, and coffee cafe’s. Gift shops ranged from quilt to hand-made candle stores. The town had a sense of community and friendliness that was so contagious and much appreciated.


Just a 10 minute drive up the mountain would be Humber Park which is basically the beginning of many trails. They range from easy to advanced and are all gorgeous trails, far away from the bustle of cars and buildings. Rock climbers and intense hikers flock to Humber Park.

Overall, this was a nice sanctuary to go to for the long weekend. We cannot wait to visit again!!


xx | paige



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