What’s in my Makeup Bag?

heya friends!

Today, I wanted to show you all the essential makeup items that I carry in my purse on the weekends when I am out and about the whole day with a full face of makeup. Rare, but it does happen lol. I carry very little in this cute baggie because 1. I don’t like carrying too much stuff. 2. I’m lazy. 3. The most important thing for me is to avoid crazy oily/shininess so all I really need is a matte powder and brush.

First of all, this bag is something that was gifted to me by a dear friend who visited Montana. Super random haha but I really like the colors and the size of it so I use it for makeup bits.

The Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder is a staple product. I swear by it! It’s affordable, keeps me matte for hours, and just an easy product to apply all over the face.IMG_2891_Fotor.jpg

My brows are wild so I like to keep the Gimme Brow by Benefit so I can do a quick touch up whenever I need to. It’s also tiny so that’s convenient!


The Maybelline Age-Rewind Concealer is a great product when you need to touch up on some spots that are starting to peek through as the day progresses. I like this one because it’s easy to use and simply does the job.


Last but not least, I always carry around the lip color that I will be wearing for the day. Lately, I have been reaching for the Revlon Lipstick in Rum Raisin. Applies like butter, hydrating, and this color is so pretty!

As you can see, I am an advocate for simplicity and definitely prefer a minimal amount of stuff in my purse. Luckily, all these products are super convenient and help me stay fresh for the whole day!

xx | paige


11 thoughts on “What’s in my Makeup Bag?

  1. I love the maybelline concealer! I only wish they had a lighter shade. I am also loving the look of that lipstick, might have to give that a go! xo

      1. I usually don’t! I use natural lighting. If I want to add text, I just use the toolbox when viewing photos

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