The Beauty Blogger Tag

heya friends!

I got tagged by Lea from Yaplea for the Beauty Blogger Tag! So exciting, I love these tags! Thank you very much Lea ❤

| The Rules |

Tag the blogger who nominated you
Answer the questions
Come up with 10 questions of your own
Nominate other bloggers, and don’t forget to tell them!

| Answers |

  1. Matte or Gloss? Matte! I love me a matte lip. 
  2. Favourite makeup brush brand? Real Techniques or Morphe. Affordable and great quality! 
  3. What is your dream job? I have two. One is to be able to do something where I can reach out to a lot of people whether it’s through this beauty/lifestyle or blog or any other means. I really do love social media and connecting with people, especially when it has to do with things that I love. Another dream is definitely the opposite of the first one. I want to manage a genetic testing laboratory in the future. 🙂 
  4. How much time does it take for you to get ready on a normal weekday versus going to a party? 10 minutes on a weekday, 1 hour for a party hahaha. 
  5. What do you do to pamper and de-stress? I like to use face massage creams and drink de-caf tea. I also sit on the couch/bed and binge watch Netflix to de stress tehe. 
  6. Favourite bloggers and vloggers? I love Keira Lennox and With All my Affection. Vloggers: Lindy from Bubzvlogz is my absolute favorite. I feel like she’s one of the few vloggers on Youtube who is genuine and stayed that way since the beginning. I also love ItsJudyLife! 
  7. From which part of the world are you from? U.S. West Coast, Southern California baby. I honestly think I was raised in the wrong part of California though. I LOVE Northern California and I hope to move their someday in the future. 
  8. Favourite type of cuisine? Korean, Filipino, or Indian food. I can eat ANYTHING.
  9. Favourite TV show? Currently: Game of Thrones. All time: Big Bang Theory or Friends. 
  10. What is your advice to bloggers who are just starting out? Do it because you love it and write about things you are genuinely interested in. Don’t post about something because everyone else is doing it. Be yourself and if blogging is something you love, a community of friends will follow. 


| My Questions |

  1. What is your holy grail foundation and why?
  2. Coffee or Tea?
  3. Dark, vampy lips or nude, light lips?
  4. What is your favorite genre(s) of music?
  5. If you could live in any part of the world, where would it be and why?
  6. What made you start blogging?
  7. Eyelash extensions or fake lashes?
  8. If you can only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  9. Favorite actors/actresses?
  10. What would be one thing you would change about the world if you had the chance to?


| Nominees |


Touch of Tay

Desperately Seeking Lifestyle

Everything’s Looking Rosie


Can’t wait to read everyone’s answers! Many thanks, Lea!


xx | paige



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