Cute Macarons! | Weekends with Me

heya friends!

I was extremely busy this past weekend because my little sister was visiting the O.C. so we made sure to hit up a lot of yummy restaurants and malls. But since we were running around quite a bit, a sista lost her camera sd card somewhere so I had to resort to my iPhone for photos. They still came out okay so I still wanted to show them!

I was home back in the South Bay for half of the weekend. Home home usually consists of laziness and movie-watching. One of the pros are home-cooked meals; especially breakfast!


We headed down to Irvine the next day and we basically stuffed ourselves with good food for the rest of weekend haha.


If you have never tried Umami Burger, it is a must! It’s like a gourmet burger restaurant that is known for their Truffle Burgers and skinny crispy fries. So delicious!


We got Peach Iced Tea from Milk & Honey located at The Camp (in Costa Mesa) and we browsed through all the hipster, cute shops. Another place to visit if you are ever in the area.


We were lucky and had the chance to pick up some character macarons from Honey and Butter located at The Lab (right next to the Camp). This place is crazy popular because of their selection of adorable and edible sweets. I mean just look at those cuties above. Yes, that is Daenerys Targaryen from the Games of Thrones. They do sell regular macarons but there is usually a long line before the little shop opens. They sell out everyday around noon.

The rest of the weekend consisted of a lot more eating and great conversations; something a photo can’t capture. I seriously hope I locate my sd card soon! I hope you enjoyed this little weekend post. ❤


xx | paige


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