How to Relax/De-Stress

heya friends!

I have days when I’m just not feeling too great. It can be triggered by over-working, little things accumulating into a big mess, personal problems, etc…We all have those days. So here are a few things that I personally like to do when I am feeling anxious and need some time to unwind. Some of these are things I like to do before bedtime, in the middle of the day, or on the weekend!

| Change into Comfy Clothes |

I know it sounds super obvious but a lot of people stay in their work/daytime clothes and I think changing into comfortable lounge wear is one of the first things you can do to really start relaxing. It’s like shedding off the day and going into zen mode haha. My go to comfort wear: a loose t-shirt or long-sleeve and sweats/pajama shorts.

| Take off Any and All Makeup |

Another self-explanatory one but super important and necessary! I can NEVER relax with makeup on my face.

| Prepare Snacks/Drinks |


If you’re in the mood for a little snack or drink, then go for it. I usually don’t snack when I’m trying to relax, I tend to drink some decaf tea. I like decaf green tea or just brown rice tea. Anything lukewarm and light prepares my body for relaxation time.

| Pamper Yourself |


Every single time I try to unwind, I put some sort of face mask/treatment on. I usually use my massage cream from The Face Shop. It’s like a luxurious treatment at home. Everyone has their way of pampering themselves like running a nice bath, doing your nails, etc… I personally like to massage my face. Ha.

| Get Comfy |

For me, getting comfortable means snuggling up in bed or the couch and putting on Netflix, HBO GO, or Youtube. Currently, I’ve been on a Game of Thrones kick. It’s a great way to immerse yourself into a different world; such an amazing show. Please watch it.

| Light Yoga |


This was recommended to me by a friend and I was like….what the heck, I’m not doing yoga to relax…I’m not even flexible, it’s only going to stress me out. HENCE, the “light” yoga. I highly suggest looking up “Yoga with Adriene” on Youtube. She has a plethora of  videos but the ones I recommend are the Yoga for Anxiety and Stress or the Bedtime Yoga Sequence. I like to do these with the lights off and a few candles lit. 🙂

| Change of Surrounding |


Getting into that relaxed state of mine can be difficult if you are surrounded  in a cluttered office or a messy room. I highly suggest physically (and mentally) removing yourself from the stressful environment instead of forcing yourself to de-stress at that spot. If you have a home office, move yourself to the living room or the backyard/patio. If you work at a office, step outside or go to a nearby coffee shop. It’s amazing what a change in scenery can do for you and it has helped me drastically!

| Breathe |


I know, super cliche and a no-brainer. But it’s true! Concentrating on your breath and slowing everything down even just for a few minutes is so simple but so effective. Sometimes when you’re moving too fast and worrying about everything in life, you forget to take a breather.

Whelp! These are the main things I usually do when I need to chill out a bit and I know everyone has their different regimes and tips. I thought it would be nifty to share mine; I’m sure we share one of these! ❤


xx | paige


8 thoughts on “How to Relax/De-Stress

  1. Lovely post! I fully agree with the change of scenery, I really need that when I’m stressed out – even if it’s just to go to a nearby coffee shop (which ironically would probs enhance your stress, the caffeine lol). I’ve done a bit of Adrienne’s yoga, but will definitely check out the one for anxiety – sounds cool! Thanks for sharing! x

    1. aw thanks girl! Yeah, I def need to get out of the office when I’m feeling anxious. I love Adriene’s yoga videos; you have the comfort of doing it at home. xx

  2. To relax, I also like to change the scent in the room– either by lighting a candle or a wax warmer, etc. Also, I always always always like to change the lighting in the room, whether it’s closing the drapes or turning on a lamp…it always makes a difference!

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