My Health Journey: Weight Loss, Diet, Happiness

heya friends!

Today, I will be focusing on something a little different: my health journey. I didn’t want to make this a “How to Lose Weight” or “The Best Diet to Get Slimmer” post. This is essentially and simply how I became healthier, which happened to yield weight loss. I’ve always believed that a healthy body can come in all different shapes and sizes. This is for anyone who needs help taking that first step to health. Maybe this might even motivate anyone? I just thought it would be an interesting post to put on my little bloggie since my health journey is a part of me.

Freshman/Sophomore Year of College

Being away from my parents and having the freedom to be out as late as I wanted with my friends was one of the biggest changes that had happened to be when I started college. I was always a sheltered kid so I really took advantage of it. Funny enough, I didn’t use these late-nighters to drink and party. My friends and I would get the late night munchies and devour popcorn chicken, fries, burgers, sugary boba teas almost every. single. night. We would just walk around, chill at 24/7 fast food restaurants, and just hang out! Little did I know that I was actually gaining some weight. But it wasn’t my physical appearance that I noticed first, it was the way I was feeling. I was so sluggish and fatigued every day while walking to class. I would lose my breath so easily from walking up a little hill. I had acne sprinkled all over my face, chest, and back. I started getting  bad indigestion at least 3 to 4 times a week so I had to carry Tums around me with everywhere haha. I just didn’t feel good.

The Summer b/w Sophomore and Junior Year 

That summer I didn’t need to take summer school so I decided to focus on my health. How do I get rid of this constant fatigue? Why can’t these stubborn pimples disappear? Statistically speaking, I had gained 20 pounds and was at around 140 at a 5’3” height. So I wasn’t obese or huge, I was just chubby. Once again, it was not my appearance I really worried about, I was more annoyed about how I physically felt. So, I decided to change my lifestyle.


I got a gym membership with my sister and we went to the gym every day for 3 months. We would skip weekends sometimes. At the gym, I would run on the treadmill for as long as I could at a speed I was comfortable with. I would stretch and use whatever weight machines I knew how to use. I didn’t do anything fancy but I was consistent. I would work out at least 5 times a week. Then again, I had an ample amount of time during that summer.


I cut down fast food and junk food to once a week. I was allowed one cheat day. On the other days, I only ate home-made food. I didn’t eliminate any particular food group from my diet, I just ate wholesome, fresh meals that either me or my mom prepared. I didn’t even keep track of calories, fat-intake, how many carbs I was having, etc…I just ate when I was hungry until I was satisfied. I used to eat until I was stuffed and my tummy was bulging. I learned to control that and stopped eating until I was content.


I slept at around 10 pm each night and woke up anywhere between 7-8am which gave me a good 9 hours of sleep! This really helped me and was a major component of how I cleared my acne. I was also energetic in the morning and actually wanted to work out and get out of bed. Sleep is truly something we take for granted; our body heals and restores itself during this time so it’s so important to develop a healthy sleeping pattern.


I stopped being lazy. I stopped complaining about not wanting to exercise and not wanting to eat the meal that was in front of me. In the beginning, all I did was whine. I wanted In N Out and McDonald’s soooo bad. Eating junk food really is an addiction. But then I realized that complaining was such a waste of time and energy! I could use that energy to do something positive.

The Results

I didn’t know exactly how much that summer changed me until I went back to college. All my friends told me I looked great and that I had changed! I honestly didn’t really notice what I looked like after because I was so busy trying to physically get better. I hadn’t weighed myself at all either so I finally decided to step on the scale. Turns out, I had shed the weight that I had gained and was back at a normal, healthy weight for my height! Importantly, I was feeling better. My acne literally disappeared. My indigestion issues went down to one or twice a month. I was able to run consistently for longer than one hour. I didn’t have that sluggish feeling throughout the day. The results were so positive and so worth it. I have a few pictures below just to compare.

75376_10151273746590896_753436450_n_Fotor_Fotor_Collage copy_Fotor75376_10151273746590896_753436450_n_Fotor_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

What now?

I am still continuing my health journey but I have never been happier with how I feel. I will never go back to eating copious amount of junk because it made me feel like shit haha. As of now, I still don’t know how much I weigh. It really is just a number. I focus more on strength training and circuit workouts. I mix that in with cardio as well. I still go to the gym around 4 times a week and it makes me feel great!

All in all, everybody is different. What worked for me, might not work for you. The story I shared with you is the first step that I took to becoming healthy. We should always strive to be our best and I am always going to be on my health journey. I hope this helps any peeps out there who need a little push or motivation to start working on their health. If I can do it, you sure can! ❤


xx | paige


6 thoughts on “My Health Journey: Weight Loss, Diet, Happiness

  1. Great read, Paige! You look beautiful regardless! I reckon this is a very common scenario for people ~leaving the nest~ for the first time, I had a similar experience after I moved away from home the first time. Really keen to get back into more frequent exercising, I have gotten too lazy the past year with starting university and what not, so this post was a great reminder of those endorphins just waiting to be released.

    Also big fat thumbs up for emphasizing on the FEELING rather than the weight part of it! :*

    1. oooooh thank you love ❤ that's exactly why I wanted to write about it! It happens to a lot of people. I still have my lazy days though 🙂 and yes, feeling great is far more important than a number to determine your health! much love xx

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