Brazilian Waxing vs Sugaring

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Today I wanted to talk about something a little different and it has to do with hair removal around your beautiful female genitalia. There are many ways to keep yourself groomed down there. If you prefer to be au naturale, you do you boo. I prefer to as bare as a baby’s bottom. This is for anyone who is thinking of getting hair removal using wax or sugar. I will be going over the differences between them and what I prefer. This is also for any ladies out there who are waxing and never heard of sugaring or want to know more information about it.

Before waxing and/or sugaring


I only shaved and I hated it. My hair would grow back angry and thicker than before and I would get itchiness/irritation afterwards. I have many friends who prefer to shave and they don’t experience any negative effects but I just don’t think shaving was for me. I exfoliated, used the correct shaving methods, etc…blah blah blah. It wasn’t working for me.

My First Experience Waxing

  1. Hair waxing is painful no matter what. Especially if you were shaving before, it will be even more painful since the hairs are thicker. I only waxed once in my life. It was painful but bearable.
  2. Make sure to really do your research about the place you are planning on going to and verify that the aestheticians are experienced and know what they are doing.
  3. I recommend taking pain killers 30 minutes before if you are sensitive to pain. Some girls take it better than others.
  4. The technician will go into every crevice. As in you can’t be shy to spread those legs girl haha. My first time, I was pretty surprised at how thorough they were. Obviously, you can tell them if you don’t want certain areas to be touched, but the traditional Brazilian wax is everywhere: front and back.
  5. After my first time, I experienced small red bumps/itchiness/irritation/dryness. I was not happy because, yet again, my skin proved to be sensitive to another hair removal technique. My friends were doing great (some did have my symptoms too) but I didn’t want to wax again if I was going to continue having those annoying side effects.

My First Experience with Sugaring

Then, some of my co-workers introduced me to the beautiful world of sugaring.

  1. What is sugaring? It is essentially the same concept as waxing but instead of wax, technicians use a mixture of sugar, water, lemon juice, and salt to make a natural, sticky putty that will be used to remove hair.

sugaring-hair-removal_Fotor_Collage.jpg2. It is less painful than waxing. At least for me it was. It’s still painful  (duh.) but such a better alternative when it comes to how much it hurts.

3. I find it more thorough than wax. I don’t know why but it seems to grab hair better and I feel completely hairless with no little stubs poking out here and there.

4. It is better for you. I have been sugaring now for a year and I have had no red bumps/irritation/itchiness/flakiness. The technician told me I was sensitive to the wax product I used before and that this is a natural alternative for people who have bad affects from wax.

5. My hair has actually become thinner over the year since I’ve been doing it. I can last 4-5 weeks until I have to go back for a maintenance wax. I barely even feel the pain anymore because you get so used to it.

6. Price-wise, it depends on where you go. The place I go to charges around $50 for the first time and $40 for maintenance sugaring. I don’t think it’s too bad and it is the cheapest place around my area.

All in all, you can tell I absolutely love sugaring. For me personally, it just wins all around. I have friends who still wax or shave and are content with doing so! People have different preferences and I happen to have better results with sugaring.

Important Pointers for People Who Have never Sugared/Waxed

  1. Research about the place you plan on going and see how experienced the technicians are. The more experienced, the less painful it can be. I have had people who had little experience sugar me and it is very different from people who has had more experience: pain-wise and quality-wise.
  2. If you are squeamish with pain, take pain killers before/consider sugaring over waxing.
  3. Make sure to exfoliate after. By scrubbing the top dead skin cells, it will prevent any in-grown hairs and those are not great.
  4. Be calm! A lot of girls do this so you are not the only one. If I can do it, you sure can haha.


I genuinely hope this helps any ladies (or men) out there who simply want more information about the difference between waxing and sugaring. If you are thinking of doing it, you will be completely ok! Feel free to share your experiences below ❤


xx | paige



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