March 2016 Favorites

heya friends!

Hello again to another favorites post. This month, I barely have any makeup items because I’ve just been comfortable with what I’ve been using so nothing really new in that department. Instead, I do have some other bit and pieces that I have been obsessed with. Maybe you and I share some favorites?


  1. Game of Thrones

Holy moly, this show is dangerous! It lures you in and you find yourself in the Game of Thrones abyss. I started only two weeks ago and I am on Season 4. I will definitely finish in time for the premiere of Season 6 in mid-April. Beware, this show is not for little ones! A LOT of nudity, sex, language, and violence. But the story line is so amazing and the acting is just perfection!! If there any GOT fans out there, please comment!


2. Too Faced Lip Liner in Perfect Spice

I’ve been wearing this color almost every time I have make up on. I wear it on its own and it’s this perfect nude, light mauve-y shade. It makes your lips look luscious and it’s overall just a beautiful color. It is a tad drying on the lips but I make sure to apply some balm for that.


3. Keurig

I swear I have some sort of coffee-related favorite for each month lol. Just got this new baby and I use it every single morning. It’s very easy to use and fast coffee=happy Paige. I was gifted with a plethora of Keurig cups but I don’t drink flavored coffee so I leave that to my roomies.


4. Trader Joe’s Herb and Spices Popcorn

The most savory, yummy, and satisfying snack ever. It’s not that healthy but it is a healthy alternative to chips and candy. It’s only $1.99 too!


5. Simple Daily SPF Moisturizer

I’ve been using this moisturizer for quite a bit and this is my like third bottle. I’ve been loving it especially  this month because I dwindled away from it to try another daily moisturizer and I broke out. So this month I was reunited with it and it proves, yet again, to be a simple, gentle moisturizer that also protects skin from the sun.

6. Charcoal Pore Strips

Sean and I got these from Daiso and were pretty skeptical since they were so cheap at $1.50 for a 4-pack. Turns out, they are pretty darn amazing. We rarely do nose pore strips but we decided to try them out and we loved it! Definitely takes all the gunk out of your nose. I wouldn’t recommend doing this too often but once in a while can be beneficial. I don’t have a picture because we already used them all but all charcoal pore strips are basically the same.


7. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar with Toffee, Walnuts, and Pecans

Another TJ item! Can you tell I’m obsessed. I never buy chocolate bars but I saw this little guy while I was checking out one day and I haven’t stopped purchasing it!! Help me for I have sinned…I don’t eat it in one sitting but I have one brick every day or every other day because I love it so much. It’s sweet, nutty, and delicious. Also only $1.99!


8. NYX Matte Bronzer in Deep Tan

So when I first purchased this a few months ago, it was wasn’t showing up on my face very well. I thought it was because the pigmentation was horrible, but it turns out I was just super tanned haha. I think I’ve gotten paler since all I do is sit in an office all day, which means this has become my favorite bronzer of the month! I was totally wrong, this is an excellent bronzer for my now paler complexion. I’m already pretty tanned so I must have been super brown before. Applies very well and blends out like a dream!

Hope you enjoyed this roundup of March favs! I apologize if some of the photos had horrible lighting. I don’t have access to daylight much but I tried to edit them to the best of my abilities ❤


xx | paige



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