Costa Mesa Brunchin’ | Weekends with Me

heya friends!

This past weekend was supa chill. I was literally a potato the whole weekend; I didn’t even work out at all so I’m dedicated to going to the gym every day this week! Instead of just rotting on the couch, I did manage to peel my eyes off Netflix to spend the day in Costa Mesa on Sunday for some good ole brunch and a walk around.IMG_2609_Fotor.jpgIf you live around the OC/LA area, you need to visit the Camp/the Lab area in Costa Mesa. Really cute, hipster vibes and awesome places to eat/snack/drink coffee. I go here at least twice a month.

We had brunch at Rooster Cafe. They are known for their massive breakfast burritos but I went for a veggie omelette and some roasted potatoes. This place is packed during the weekend! It’s a small joint so it’s best to be early or visit during a weekday. Definitely a place to try though!IMG_2590_Fotor.jpgWe visited the Camp and finally tried out something from the Black Market bakery/cafe. I had the Vanilla Almond Lavendar scone which was amazing. The cafe has an assortment of baked goods and also cute trinkets and chocolates. So cute!IMG_2598_Fotor.jpgThere is a store called People’s Market where they sell clothing, jewelry, natural bath/body things, home decor, etc…It really is a general market that sells a lot of adorable stuff. Haha. I’m horrible at describing things so maybe the pictures will help a little.IMG_2600_Fotor.jpgThis market also has a second level where they display home decor and all I can say is…home goals. Home. Goals. Yes. I want everything. This is my future.IMG_2605_Fotor.jpgIMG_2607_Fotor.jpg

Whelp, that is all for now! Hope you enjoyed this lil roundup and if you’ve ever been to the Camp, do comment below xx


xx | paige


9 thoughts on “Costa Mesa Brunchin’ | Weekends with Me

  1. HOME GOALS indeed! Love all the macrame… And the pillows, and the bed side table! And your cardigan looks so cosy + great colour!! Okay, that will be it for my little love-rant of the day… Looks like a perfectly adventurous little trip though! 🙂

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