My Go-To Eyeshadows

heya friends!

Today, I have a compilation of eyeshadows that I use every time I decide to wear eye makeup. I use a combination of any of them and as you will soon see, they are all neutral shades besides one haha. I’m still not brave enough to use crazy different colors on my lids but maybe someday  I will be. Hope you enjoy xx.


IMG_2571_Fotor.jpgHappy Hour | A soft, matte light medium brown shade that is perfect to create some depth on your lids. Easy to blend, great pigmentation, and cheap! IMG_2569_Fotor.jpgFireball | The one and only colorful shade that I use haha. This is a pinkish prismatic shade that is soooo pigmented and beautiful on the lids. Didn’t think I would love it this much. IMG_2574_Fotor.jpgLove in Rio | The star of this little trio is the black to the right. I’ve mentioned this shade before but it’s the perfect matte, smooth black shade. Applies/blends like a dream! IMG_2573_Fotor.jpgDark Brown | A convenient “lazy girl” makeup eyeshadow pencil. Just apply to lids and smooth out evenly; looks great on its own and for monolids. IMG_2575_Fotor.jpg


IMG_2577_Fotor_Fotor_Collage.jpgDesert | The best transition color for my skin tone ever! It’s super affordable and creamy. It’s best applied with a clean finger.


IMG_2583_Fotor_Fotor_Collage.jpgDeep Mocha | Can you tell I love my browns? Haha. This is exactly what it says it is: a deep mocha shade. I’ve used this shade since high school; it was the first eyeshadow I ever used! It’s a good one to go to as a makeup beginner.

Urban Decay


Original Palette | Virgin: great for brightening the inner eye and brow bone! Buck: another awesome, solid transition shade. Half-baked: PERFECTION. Dark horse: creates depth to the eye and gives a nice smoky effect.


Smoky Palette | Dirtysweet: lovely for the inner eyes. This is one of my favorite shades ever. Black Market: another trustworthy matte black shade. Great for a soft liner look. Whiskey: a dark, smooth brown that looks nice on its own. Thirteen: a matte white; ideal for the brow bone!



I told you I love me some neutrals haha. These are all of the eyeshadows that I wear every time I decide to wear some makeup on my lids. You could probably tell that most, if not all, are quite clean and look unused. That’s because I don’t wear any eye makeup during the week as I work at a lab independently. I usually only wear a full face during weekends. But hey, more product for me! Hope you enjoyed this little roundup. Please comment below if we share a similar love for neutral eye looks! ❤


xx | paige



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