Valentine’s Day 2016


Today is Valentine’s day. A day of love, friendship, family, and of course, food. Sean and I decided not to do anything fancy shmancy or gift exchange this year because why not? Scrolling through Instagrams and looking at Snapchats of bouquets of roses, cholesterol-filled chocolate tins, and over-priced teddy bears is really cute and all but I would rather save that money for an awesome vacation get-away. No offense to any people who are receiving any of these for vday; been there, done that.

Insteaaadddd, we decided to have a chill day. We woke up and worked out. Got a healthy smoothie and decided to eat lunch at A&J Restaurant in Irvine. If anyone lives in this area and hasn’t been to this Tawainese restaurant, you’re missing out. What they are known for: spicy wontons, fried chicken, and beef noodle soup. Pics below will induce salivation.

After, we got a pecan cinnamon roll from a neighboring bakery and decided to have it with some delicious tea! We went back home, I took a nap, woke up, and now I am writing this. Ha. Sean decided to cook me some curry for dinner so I’m greedily waiting for that…

I guess the main message of this little post is that Vday doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be if you want of course but we are definitely more chill when it comes to celebrating our love. It can be celebrated with friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc…! Or you can just have a nice, relaxing day in. Watch Netflix, (Might I suggest: Better Call Saul, The 100, Broadchurch), eat whatever you want, get a massage, bake/cook something, start a blog (tehe)! The choices are endless. Okay, enough talking…pictures commence below!








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