Coffee and Jjajangmyeon


So my boyfriend and I went to two, no THREE, bomb places to get coffee/eat today and I couldn’t wait to share our new places to eat to all the Orange County/LA people in SoCal! I’ve been wanting to get good coffee from a little cafe called “The Coffee Tale” in Huntington Beach so we decided to go after seeing almost 300, five star reviews on Yelp. Everyone is raving about this place so I had to go!

The Coffee Tale is located in a quaint nook near a Costco called The Old World Village. You feel like you’re stepping into a different country haha; it’s small but pleasant to walk around on a sunny weekend afternoon.


I got the house coffee and Sean got a pour over. We got them to-go so we can walk around a little but next time, I might actually go for their mocha (and face the after-effects of lactose intolerance) because everyone was getting them. They also make pretty little designs that are so instagram worthy.


I was tempted to go for their baklava but I was like, “Be good, Paige. Save your appetite.” because we were going to hit up a hole-in-the-wall Chinese/Korean restaurant called “Beijing Wok and Grill” that served amazing jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles) and legendary steamed dumplings. Luckily, it was a short 8 minute drive to Fountain Valley where it is located.


The food was so AMAZING. You can see how the dumplings are not in the picture above because those were devoured by two very ravenous people in a span of like a minute. Not joking lol. This place is owned by a cute little couple who are very sincere and nice. The food was fresh, delicious, and it made me wanting more. I really wish we got one of their chicken or pork dishes but we were saving some room for dessert….

Only three doors down to Beijing Wok and Grill was a nut, dairy, and gluten free bakery. How convenient. Sean and I peeked in and came out with some goodies. The bakery is adorably named “Sensitive Sweets” and is supposedly owned by a mother with a child who has very intense food allergies. Kudos to her. Cookies, brownies, bread, cake pops, donuts, etc…and all dairy free!


Reasonably priced vegan baked good are always a win. Plus, it tasted so delicious, especially the mini-chocolate chip cookies. This is a heaven for people who really want a good brownie without feeling bloated/gassy after.

Overall, I feel like we found three great spots that we will be visiting again. I only eat out during the weekends so I really try to visit places I’ve never been before. Today was successful indeed! If there are any people who are from the SoCal area or are planning on visiting, try out these three places! I have a yelp account which I will link and you can see other peoples thoughts on these lovely places:

See ya’ll tomorrow for a lil Valentines day post ❤








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