Bosscat Kitchen & Libations | Restaurant Review



Wow, I have not posted in a while…Things have been mundanely boring for a few months so I didn’t have anything really interesting to post about. I’ve been trying to eat home-cooked meals more often so I haven’t been eating out very much…BUT I had a Bosscat reservation booked awhile ago so my boyfriend and I had to go!

The restaurant is located in Newport Beach near some business buildings. Easy to find and plenty of parking. We went on a rainy Sunday morning so I didn’t think it would be too busy but there was actually a line out the door! I HIGHLY recommend making reservations, especially due to this restaurant’s popularity.



Ambience: If you are looking for a romantic, quiet date with a significant other, this is not the place. It is a bustling, moderately loud restaurant with a bar located in the middle. Everyone is drinking mimosas and having a great time. The bartender was actively engaging with customers around him and seemed to be having fun! The place looks small, but it’s actually huge. Along with the patio, main seating area, and bar, there is a spacious back room as well.


Short Rib Chilaquiles $15

This dish was amazing! Great flavors and it was the perfect proportion. I was told by the informative waitress that this is one of their most popular entrees and I can totally see why! My boyfriend actually preferred mine over his!

Chicken Fried Steak $15

The Chicken Fried Steak was an okay dish for me. It was really hyped up for me by the waitress and some friends but there wasn’t anything special about it. My boyfriend really enjoyed it but still preferred the short rib dish instead.

Customer Service: Excellent and fast! Everyone is genuinely willing to help make sure you have the best experience and food. We were seated 20 minutes before our reservation time and we had our food within 10-15 minutes of ordering. It was surprisingly fast considering how busy it was already. We also had a pot of coffee that we realized was complimentary when we got the check-free coffee is always the best! The waiters are very attentive and friendly/chatty with all customers.

Price: Some people say this place is pricey, but I think  it’s reasonable for the quality of food you get. They also have a deal for mimosa lovers where you pay $25 for bottomless mimosas and an entree-now that’s a deal!

All in all, a brilliant place to go with a group of friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc…It’s a restaurant worth visiting if you are ever in the O.C. area.

Feel free to comment below if you’ve visited Bosscat before or are planning to!

My yelp review:

Hopefully I’ll be able to write again soon ❤






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