The Broad Museum | Los Angeles


Sean and I visited the new Broad Museum located in Los Angeles, CA and I took photos of my favorite pieces. We went on a Sunday afternoon so it was bustling with people, luckily we had tickets so we got in right away.

Here is some general information about the Broad:

-Tickets reservations are online (admission is free!). We got our tickets back in September so we had to wait around 3 months before we could actually visit. Point is, reserve tickets now! There are walk-in’s but I believe the wait can be pretty long, depending on what day/time it is and how busy the museum is that day. Some wait for 20 minutes, some longer than an hour.

-There are no food/drinks allowed. Cameras are allowed as long as you’re not using flash photography and blinding people haha.

-Parking is not free. They have a garage; we were there for a little over an hour (it is a small museum) and we paid $12. I’m sure there are parking spots elsewhere near the Broad; we were just lazy.

-The infamous Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama was completely booked for the day that Sean and I went. If you get tickets, make sure to get morning availabilities; that way you will be one of the first to enter. Immediately go to the exhibition area and sign up for reservations. (Yes, you need reservations to go into the room; that’s how awesome it is.)

-There is a coffee/baked goods stand right outside, two restaurants, and a few food trucks right next to the Broad in case you get thirsty/hungry.

-The Broad’s website,, is a very thorough, informative site that will answer all of your questions. They also have a catalog of all the artwork/artist information as well!

Now let’s get to the good stuff! I took pictures of my favorite pieces, enjoy~ *I also want to mention that I did not edit any of the photos as I wanted to keep the integrity of each piece just as it is 🙂 *





I loved this museum because it is short, sweet, and unique. It only took a good hour to hour and a half to look at everything. It’s also in the middle of a very artsy fartsy part of L.A. It’s a short drive to the Art District so plenty of stuff to do before or after visiting the Broad. Overall, I recommend this place for anyone of all ages. Will be coming back to get into that Infinity Room exhibit!

Hope this post was helpful for anyone who is planning on making a trip the Broad. If you already did visit it, what was your favorite piece?






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