Lake Arrowhead | Christmas 2015


Shame on me for not posting for such a long time! Been busy with a new job and I was honestly just uninspired/lazy…BUT I am here with a post about the Christmas 2015 Lake Arrowhead mini-vacation that my family and I had. I came back yesterday and I just wanted to do a little post about my experience.


Where we stayed…

We stayed at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa for two nights. It was a one king-sized bed room with a pull out sofa that happened to be a full sized bed so we were well-equipped for a 4-person family. We also had a lakeview room (all rooms either have a lake or beach view with a balcony) on the first floor so the view wasn’t spectacular but it was still pleasant.

My beautiful sister… ahahaha

Resort Pros…

-The staff is very friendly and willing to help. We did not have any unpleasant experiences with any of the staff. They are very welcoming and willing to help.

-The location is beautiful and is only really a 30 minute car ride up the mountain. There wasn’t any snow this Christmas but it was still very brisk with temperatures averaging low 30’s to 20’s.

-The main lobby is gorgeous! A cozy fireplace, huge christmas trees and decorations, and comfy seats next to a view of the lake. I surprisingly didn’t get a photo of it…ha.


-The actual rooms are clean, well-equipped, and pretty standard.

-The resort is also right next to Lake Arrowhead villages. We just went to the North village to do some outlet shopping. They also have a small but interesting selection of restaurants including a Belgian Waffle breakfast joint. This village also has an impressive, close view of the lake.


Resort Cons…

-The room service and checking in to our rooms were both extremely slow. It was obviously because it was during Christmas so we understood. We did a lot of waiting during this trip.

-The room we stayed was very dusty. I never have allergy problems but I was sniffy, dry-eyed, and itchy whenever I got into bed. The change in elevation/weather can be a factor in this…

-There is only one restaurant in the hotel called Bin 189. Great restaurant, yummy food, and excellent service BUT it is the only place to eat if you are trapped in the hotel besides a little coffee joint that has over-priced pastries. One of the days we were there was extremely windy so it was difficult to get food outside of the resort. Bin 189 was booked so we basically had cup ramen and some fruits for dinner haha! I mean, I love cup ramen but I know other guests were pretty unhappy. Be prepared with extra food just in case!


Overall, I really enjoyed our simple, relaxing stay. I wish it wasn’t so windy then we could have gone on hikes, boat rides, utilized the jacuzzi,etc…But, Lake Arrowhead is a beautiful location to get some R&R and I do suggest it for families and couples. Being prepared with food and checking the weather forecast before booking are two important things I would like to emphasize. Weather conditions change unpredictably but just as long as you make the most out of your stay, Lake Arrowhead is a pleasant place for a mini-getaway.



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