How I Cleared My Skin|Winter 2015

Hello fellow bloggers,

Tonight, I will be discussing how I cleared my skin this winter. My skin is NOT consistent and I am constantly having to find different regimes for every season, every year. It really depends on the weather, humidity, pollution, etc..During the summer, my face is oily and acne-prone and during the winter my face turns into a patchy dry/oily mess. Basically all year round I am mostly oily.

Over the past two months, I have been really taking care of my skin and have been seeing noticeable results: less emerging acne, fading of scars, and brightening of skin. Here’s how I did it…

  1. No more strong Starbucks coffee. I hate to admit it, but I used to be the type of person who needed to have a strong Americano from Starbucks every single morning. For all of ya’ll 9-5er’s, you probably know what I mean haha. Little did I know, that the coffee that I was consuming every day was actually affecting how deeply I slept. I would wake up feeling unenergized and like I didn’t sleep a wink. This, evidently, showed through my skin. I would wake up with angry and painful acne sprinkled across my forehead. I stopped going to Starbucks and started brewing my own coffee every morning which put me in control of how strong I wanted it to be. I started sleeping better and my skin showed it. There are some days that I don’t even drink coffee at all!
  1. Make sure ALL makeup is off. I used to be one of those gals who would use make up wipes to clear my skin of makeup after a long wear day. To be honest, those things should NOT be the only things you used to completely take off your makeup. It is best to use some sort of cleansing water or oil to make sure your face does not have a smudge of make up on before you sleep. When you’re sleeping, your skin is repairing itself so you might be unnoticeably clogging your pores when you’re not completely wiping all makeup off. I use a cleansing oil + an all-natural make up remover face wash + a cleansing water/toner. Yes, I do all three EVERY night religiously before I go to bed. It really makes a difference.
  2. Moisturize. I use a bar soap for my face in the morning and evening and it totally strips my face of any oil. That’s great, but make sure to moisturize so your skin doesn’t freak out and start producing even MORE oil. For the day, I like the Simple SPF Day Moisturizer and for the evening, I enjoy the Burt’s Bees Nighttime Cream. I NEVER skip these two steps.
  3. Try switching to simple, organic products. This along with number 1. are probably the main reasons why my skin has cleared up so much. I have stopped using any product that has an ingredient that I cannot pronounce or have never heard of. I started using hand made bar soaps for my face and body, moisturizers with simple and fresh ingredients, and SPF. Most of these items you can find in the “natural” section of Target, CVS, etc… or even Whole Foods, Mother’s, and Lush.
  4. Stop touching your face. Be aware of your surroundings. I didn’t realize how much I touched my face during the day so I mentally trained myself to stop doing it. I am also aware of the phones I use at work. I would break out near my cheeks during the week and I realized it was from not sanitizing work phones before I used them every day. Your hands are teeming with germs from everything you have touched throughout the day. I tend to rub my forehead subconsciously so I really had to force myself to stop doing it haha.
  5. Stick with a regime.  Just because you don’t see results after a few days does not mean you should stop…unless you see yourself having a bad reaction, getting more spots, etc…I did not see results until a week and a half in (which is still pretty fast for most people) and I really kept with my routine (I will list everything below). I did not skip any steps at all, no matter how tired, lazy I was. That shows how dedicated I am to my skin considering how much of a potato I am ha.



Products I have been using:


  • Simple Micellar Cleansing Water
  • Simple SPF Day Moisterizer
  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Burt’s Bees Face Wash: make-up remover and skin brightener
  • Burt’s Bees Nighttime Cream
  • Kiehl’s Undereye Avocado cream
  • Coconut-oil based organic bar soap (hand-made/gifted to me)
  • Goat’s Milk body bar soap (hand-made/gifted to me as well)
  • Kiehl’s Deep Pore Mask (weekly)
  • Mask of Magnaminty from Lush (weekly)
  • Origins GinZing Scrub (weekly)



I used to use way more products than this and it included a lot of products with weird ingredients. I have managed to cut them down as much as I can and have been religiously sticking to the items above for the past two months. The whole point of this post is to help any of you guys who are trying to clear your skin. Obviously this does not work for everybody, it just happened to work for me!

Feel free to comment below if you have tried any of these or suggest any all-natural products. I’m still a noob with trying to find simple, clean face products so I need the help!





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