Colourpop, Lush, and more! | First Impressions


I recently got quite a few new products and wanted to share my first impressions of them…

|Firstly, Colourpop cosmetics eye shadows! I was SUPER tempted to purchase a lot more than just three shades but I realized that I’m more of a neutral shadow girl so I wanted to start by getting three pretty basic shades: Desert, Smash, and I ❤ You.


Desert and Smash are both easy on the eyes but I ❤ You is definitely an “in-your-face” metallic shiny color that I will only use for special occasions. These shadows are quite different in formula compared to your usual shadows. They are creamy and are easy (if not, easier) to apply with a clean finger. Color payoff is worth the hype especially when they are only $5 each. Woot! Try these babies out if you get a chance, you shall not regret it!


|I also purchased another Lippie Stick from Colourpop called Dalia. It is a darker, vampy red/burgundy shade that I am not accustomed to wearing but I absolutely love. Glides on smoothly and it stays on pretty well for a $7 lip product. So far, enjoying the color on my lips.


|I recently got a sample of Lush’s Mint of Magnaminty from a friend and it is quite amazing! Just apply a layer around the face, wait for 10 minutes (or until dry), and wipe off with a warm towel/rinse. I noticed a difference immediately! It gets deep down to your pores and clears the dirt from the face. My skin looked noticeably smoother with minimized pores. My boyfriend used it and enjoyed it as well!


|The next item that I will be talking about is Burt’s Bees daily facial cleanser that acts as a makeup remover, skin brightener, and overall cleanser. I bought it because I was looking for a more natural daily cleanser as opposed to the other brands I was using. So far, so good. I love the fresh, herbal scent and how it easily removes makeup. We will see if it acts as a skin brightener after I’ve used it for awhile but so far I have had no breakouts and it does it’s job by safely and gently removing 8-hour wear makeup.


|I’m really starting to get into lip liners and a new NYX cosmetics store opened at my local mall so I popped in and purchased the Slide on, Glide On Lip Liner in Red Brick for $8. First of all, great price. I’ve always enjoyed NYX products, especially their eyeshadows. Secondly, beautiful color. Pictures does not do it justice; it is a reddish-brown color that just glides on (as told by the name) to your lips and stays put. Can’t wait to use this more and really test out it’s longevity on my lippies.


|Last but not least is another NYX product and it is one of their single eye shadow pots. Like I stated above, I am a huge NYX eye shadow fan. They just work great on my lids (with or without primer) and I love their pigmentation and smooth application. I just bought one because the store was crazy packed and it is in the shade Fireball: a lovely coppery-pink metallic shade that it SO lovely. Can’t wait to wear this on my eyelids this holiday!!



Hope ya’ll enjoyed this round up of first impressions! Comment or like if you have tried any of these products or suggest anything for me to try.




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