Colourpop First Impression|Bumble and Lumiere


I wanted to share my first impression with the VERY popular Colourpop ultra matte lipstick in Bumble and the lippie stick in Lumiere. These are the two colors that I really wanted to try from Colourpop (including Midi but I didn’t purchase it because it looked too nude for me). Each matte lipstick is $6 and the lippie sticks are $5 each (so affordable!)

simple packaging
simple packaging


-The ultra matte lipsticks are exactly what they imply. The hype is real guys. Super pigmented (you only need one coat ya’ll), dries super matte (a little drying though for Bumble. I heard some of the other shades are not as drying on the lips), and lasts all day (got a little crumbly on the edges but that was because I had oily foods). For the price, this lipstick is definitely something you should check out!

IMG_1933_Fotor-The lippie sticks are creamy, crayon-like matte lipsticks. The only color I really wanted was Lumiere and it is a very pretty pinky/mauve-y nude (I’m not a good color-describer lol). It applies smoothly and looks matte but is not drying on the lips. It transfers unlike the ultra matte lipsticks but it wasn’t really a problem for me. It also doesn’t last as long since it is a creamy consistency so it’s quite easy to just wipe off accidentally. I still think the product is amazing for its price and it is perfect for daily use for me.


The swatches are above and you can really see the difference between the lippie sticks and ultra matte lipsticks. Both are under $10, both have great formulas, and both are completely wearable and lovely!

Colourpop lipsticks are definitely products that are worth trying. There is a color for everyone 😉

Comment if you love them or are planning on trying them. Any color suggestions as well? Thinking of purchasing some more…. 🙂




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