Portland 2015|Days 1-2


Long time no post…I started extra summer school classes so I have been busy with that and work 😦 BUT, Sean got me an early birthday gift with a mini-vacation to Portland in between my summer classes. We just came back today and I have sooo much to share so I will be dividing this post into two sections. This is for all ya’ll who are planning on visiting Portland!


Sean and I arrived in Portland International Airport (PDX) around 1:30pm on Thursday. Since we never usually take public transportation, we decided to Uber it to our Enterprise location to pick up our rental car. We later figured out how easy the TriMet public transportation is lol. One of the biggest questions we had was whether we needed a rental car vs. ubering/trimet. If you are planning on visiting/hiking along the famous Columbia River Gorge, you NEED a car. Ubers/lyfts/TriMet do not go to these locations and you obviously cannot bike there. If you are not planning on doing anything beyond the Portland neighborhood, I suggest saving money and using the TriMet. Sean and I stayed in an Airbnb location in Southeast Portland and if we used the Met, it could take up to an hour to get to Downtown Portland where the Pearl District/Old Chinatown/etc…locations are. If the time doesn’t bother you, Met it! We only had two full days, so wanted to get as many things fit in so we opted for a rental since it only took us 15 minutes to get to Downtown with a car.

After we checked in, we immediately went to the iconic Pok Pok restaurant on Division.

famous chicken wings
famous chicken wings
yummy thai tea
yummy thai tea

The hype is real guys….haha. Pok pok is a must.

voodoo doughnut
voodoo doughnut

They are, ultimately, delicious donuts and I am a person who thinks desserts all pretty much taste the same. For example: ice cream is ice cream no matter where it’s from. But that’s just me…I waited quite a bit for these bad boys but I got to experience it and that’s what matters!


Broder Cafe breakfast
Broder Cafe breakfast

A very cute breakfast/brunch spot that serves stumptown coffee. Friendly, fast, and deeeelicious.

Vista House: first stop  of Columbia River Gorge
Vista House: first stop of Columbia River Gorge

There are many different hiking spots/falls along the Gorge and the Vista House is basically the first stop. Here, you can get a lot of information about all the waterfalls that are spotted along the Gorge. There are many easy maps and guides that can help you choose which ones you want to visit (or you can do all!)

Whakeena Falls
Whakeena Falls

Whakeena Falls: fairly easy hike and takes around .2 miles to reach the actual falls. This location usually has parking spaces available rather than the very famous Multnomah Falls location so it’s best to park here and walk only half a mile to Multnomah.




The highlight of the trip was being able to hike to the top of Multnomah. It was not as easy as I thought it would be; there were people wearing sandals and I could not believe they managed to do the hike in them! It was such an accomplishment for someone like me who has a deathly fear of heights. After this hike, we were both so exhausted so we decided that we were finished with the Gorge. Oregon is such a beautiful, lush state and it is one of the main reasons why I’ve come to love it.

"Por que no?" tacos
“Por que no?” tacos

After we had a much-needed nap, we indulged in some authentic tacos/bowls from Por Que No? The line was very long for this unique restaurant but it was worth it. Once again, the hype is real.

In between, we would walk around the streets of Division, Hawthorne Blvd, Pearl District in Downtown, etc…If I could describe Portland in a few short words: unique, foodie heaven, beer, and chill. It has a little bit of everything for anyone. I will do a second post on days 3-4 in a few days with a Youtube vlog as well! Hopefully this helps anyone who is planning a future Portland trip~




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