*4th Street Market|Santa Ana*


This past weekend I visited 4th Street Market in Santa Ana which is an extension of food-truck style restaurants with food ranging from Thai noodles to popsicle bars to craft beer. It’s basically like a smaller, plainer version of the Anaheim Packing District. It’s smack dab in the Eastern Santa Ana area on 4th street. I got to take quite a bit of pictures of the food and what it looks like inside. We went on a Sunday so it was mildly busy but definitely not too crowded :3


the building is designed like a circle~
the building is designed like a circle~
interesting murals and art decor~
interesting murals and art decor~
poke bowl from "Mar": $8
poke bowl from “Mar”: $8
chicken soup from "Noodle Tramp": $8
chicken soup from “Noodle Tramp”: $8

The food was so delicious; portion size was great compared to prices. There are many places to sit as well; even though it was busy, finding a table was fast and easy. Most of the seating is indoors but there is also an outdoor area. The noodle soup from Noodle Tramp is notorious for their coconut spicy soups so of course we had to try that. Since it had chicken, I went for the tuna poke bowl from Mar which was sooooo tasty; I inhaled it…haha.


It also had a cookie sandwich joint which I had to be physically pulled away from 😦 We decided to get coffee from Portola; I’ve been to Portola many times in the Soco shopping area and the coffee there never fails to amaze me. I went for a classic Americano and Sean got a specialty brewed coffee.



I love the ambience of this place; will definitely be visiting again sometime soon to try some of the other goodies :3 If you are ever in the area, make sure to visit this sweet little spot. There is something for everyone~

till next time,



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